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The XclusiveMobileCarWashDetail Promise!


We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Your car will be treated like royalty – attention to detail is everything. It will be 100% hand washed with only the finest  products. We believe your car washing experience should be enjoyable and relaxing. We treat every vehicle with care as if it was our own. We pride ourselves in delivering and maintaining the absolute best service, quality work, and safety for your vehicle and to our loyal customers!


Want your car detailed inside and out but can’t be without your car?

In 20 minutes or less, your car’s exterior is protected with a coat of wax or the carpets can be shampooed or the interior will be air tooled, cleaned and conditioned. Each service is 20 minutes and no appointment is necessary. Over-sized or heavily soiled cars may take longer with additional charges.

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We use the highest quality of car detailing products including Carnauba waxes, specialty glazes, detailing clay bars, tire and wheel cleaners, and leather clean and conditioning. We always pay attention to detail.


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Why choose XclusiveMobileCarWashDetail?

There’s nothing like a hand car wax applied by a car detailing expert to restore a dull finish to a mirror-like shine. A hand wax job not only makes your vehicle look like new, but regular hand waxing also protects your car’s beautiful finish from damage due to exposure to the elements.

Clay Bar and Paste Wax

Carefully clean engine bays

Leather cleaning & conditioning

Double Shampoo interior carpets, trunk and floor mats

“On time,curious,kind and a overall gentleman outstanding job car and smell new again if you had a higher score he would of gotten it AA+

Jordan explained everything and explained that the paint looked dull because it never had wax, and said I will make it shine like the other vehicle. Truck was 16 years old and it looks like it came off the showroom floor. I also want to add that Jordan was extremely courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. 

“Outstanding in every way. Will use again and recommended to my friends. Should be worth $500 more on my trade-in. You did an OUTSTANDING job Jordan

Take Pride In Your Ride!

Welcome to, your one stop source for all your mobile auto detailing needs. Don’t have time to waste at a car wash? Don’t have the supplies to do it yourself? Let a Certified Detailing Specialist come to you and make your car look like new! Our Specialists use only the highest quality car care products.

Our Promise to You

My commitment to service means I will personally take care of your car. Guide your vehicle through the wash process and post-tunnel vacuum. You’ll drive away with a clean, dry and shiny car, guarantee or job is free.